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The Zambian Parliamentary Conservation Caucus (ZPCC) is a multi-party coalition of Zambian Parliamentarians with a shared vision to influence policy directions and implementation in the quest for environmental sustainability in Zambia.

It is an initiative of Members of Parliament inspired by a belief that conservation is a fundamental component of sustainable development, poverty alleviation, conflict prevention, good governance and regional security so as to promote sound, long-term policies of sustainable land, forest, water and biodiversity management.

The ZPCC recognizes the various challenges related to implementing and developing policies in the environment sector. It also recognizes the disconnect that exists between some of the environmental sector policies and policies outside the sector and, by extension, the urgent and critical need for harmonization.

The ZPCC is also therefore committed to transforming of the legal and policy context to have a transformed environment and natural resources system that is socially just and equitable in its distribution of benefits and opportunities, both internally and externally. Areas identified as requiring urgent engagement from the outset include: mining, deforestation; water pollution; loss of biodiversity (disturbing ecosystems); air pollution; extinction of wildlife especially endangered species; and destruction of catchment areas such as watersheds and wetlands.

The Caucus

Executive Committee

Hon. Gertrude M. Imenda (ADD) (Co-Chair)
Hon. Stephen Kampyongo (PF) (Co-Chair)
Hon. Nickson Chilangwa (PF) (Secretary)
Hon. Howard Kunda (MMD) (Treasurer)
Hon. Dr Effron C. Lungu (PF)
Hon. Mutinta Mazoka (UPND)
Hon. Vincent Mwale (MMD)


Hon. Esther Banda (PF)
Hon. Whiteson Banda (MMD)

Hon. Levy Chabala (PF)
Hon. Hastings Chansa (PF)
Hon. Miyutu Chinga (UPND)
Hon. Danny Chingimbu (MMD)
Hon. Kenneth Chipungu (MMD)
Hon. Obius C. Chisala (PF)
Hon. Ronald K. Chitotela (PF)
Hon. Brig. Gen. Dr. Brian Chituwo (MMD)
Hon. Annie M. Chungu (MMD)
Hon. Bwalya L. Chungu (PF)
Hon. Stephen Chungu (PF)
Hon. Kennedy K. Hamudulu (UPND)
Hon. Boyd Hamusonde (UPND)
Hon. Emerine Kabanshi (PF)
Hon. Dr. Michael Kaingu (MMD)

Hon. Brig. Gen. Benson Kapaya (PF)
Hon. Michael Z. Katambo (PF)
Hon. Berina K. Kawandami (PF)
Hon. Dorothy Kazunga (PF)
Hon. Josephine M. Limata (PF)
Hon. Derick Livune (UPND)
Hon. Given Lubinda (PF)
Hon. Lwiji Ambrose Lufuma (UPND)
Hon. Prof. Nkandu Luo (PF)
Hon. Allan D. Mbewe (MMD)
Hon. Rayford Mbulu (PF)
Hon. Clive Miyanda (UPND)
Hon. Raymond Mpundu (PF)
Hon. Elijah Muchima (MMD)
Hon. Mighty Mumba (PF)

Hon. Eddie Musonda (PF)
Hon. Misheck Mutelo (UPND)
Hon. Davies Mwango (PF)
Hon. Malama H. Mwimba (PF)
Hon. Maxas B. Ng’onga (PF)
Hon. Levy J. Ngoma (MMD)
Hon. Patrick Ngoma (MMD)
Hon. Gary Nkombo (UPND)
Hon. Kabinga Pande (MMD)
Hon. Peter Phiri (MMD)
Hon. Njeulu Poniso (UPND)
Hon. Rev. Ronald Shikapwasha (MMD)
Hon. Richwell Siamunene (UPND)
Hon. Siyauya Sianga (UPND)
Hon. Abel Sichula (PF)


To work towards prioritizing and building consensus on issues that affect conservation and natural resource management in order to mitigate other processes such as pollution and climate change.


To provide a non-partisan channel for all political parties in the Zambian Parliament to have a voice and engage meaningfully into dialogue on the value of conservation and natural resource management for the common future of Zambia.

  • to build partnerships among Parliamentarians across political party lines on conservation and natural resource management issues;
  • to raise awareness on conservation issues which would act as a catalyst for communication and engagement between government and other stakeholders such as constituents, civil society organizations, research institutions and the private sector;
  • to educate the public about the economic cost of biodiversity loss and the benefits of restoring the natural environment;
  • to act as a watchdog on conservation and natural resource management issues;
  • to work and cooperate with organizations of similar objectives in other countries; and
  • to spearhead the domestication of conventions and other international agreements on conservation and natural resource management issues.

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