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ICCF Zambia collaborates with leaders from Zambia’s business and NGO sectors to support and guide the Zambia Parliamentary Conservation Caucus (ZPCC) with sound information and innovative solutions to Zambia’s natural resource management challenges.

Our role is to support and advise the caucus in identifying high-priority concerns and address them by bringing together expertise from various sectors to develop innovative policies and programs.

Zambia’s Conservation Council — of leaders and innovators in business, conservation, and international development — supports programs for the ZPCC with financial capacity and expert information. The Conservation Council not only drives the development of Zambia’s natural resource management expertise and informed decision-making, but also serves to coordinate development and NGO programs with industry leaders to create a collaborative approach to Zambia’s growth as a nation.

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Judiciary and Law Enforcement Resources

Following the success of the July 28-29, 2015 East Africa Judiciary Training workshop in Nairobi,
the tools to aid in the enforcement and prosecution of wildlife crime in Africa.

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About the ZPCC

A multi-party coalition of Members of Parliament with a commitment to elevating the role that stewardship of natural resources plays in Zambian domestic policy and Southern Africa’s regional development strategy.


Strategic Plan

Members of the ZPCC recognize that a focus on resource security within Parliament is vital to ensuring Zambia’s stability and prosperity, and to addressing its food, water, poaching, de-forestation, and energy crises.


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