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Passing tougher penalties for poaching and illegal trafficking of wildlife

ICCF Kenya is a growing collaboration of leaders from Kenya’s business and NGO sectors who support and guide the Parliamentary Conservation Caucus – Kenya Chapter (PCC-K) with sound information and solutions for Kenya’s natural resource management challenges.

The PCC-K was established following an ICCF collaborative summit of African parliamentarians and U.S. Congressmen in August 2012 in Nairobi. ICCF Kenya supported the work of the caucus leaders in passing tougher penalties for poaching and illegal trafficking of wildlife through the Kenya Wildlife Conservation & Management Bill, 2013. The law gives greater incentives for ownership and management to the local communities who live directly with the wildlife, including critical compensation for human-wildlife conflicts.

We work to engage policymakers and the judiciary to address the illegal wildlife trade

In March 2014, ICCF and ICCF Kenya facilitated a solutions-oriented workshop on national water policy and its importance to economic development. And in November 2015, ICCF Kenya launched its Conservation Council, a non-partisan forum for policymakers to collaborate with one another and with leaders from Government, businesses, NGOs, and development institutions.

Judiciary and Law Enforcement Resources

Following the success of the July 28-29, 2015 East Africa Judiciary Training workshop in Nairobi,
the tools to aid in the enforcement and prosecution of wildlife crime in Africa.

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Network of Parliamentary Conservation Caucuses

ICCF Kenya educates caucus members on issues of international conservation; unites the public and private sectors to work together on conservation initiatives; identifies highest-priority concerns related to natural resource challenges as well as potential solutions; and recommends innovative, market-driven policy solutions for the 21st century.

Conservation Council

Meet the business and community leaders and conservationists who support ICCF Kenya and its plight against poaching and the illegal trafficking of wildlife.


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