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ICCF Botswana works with business leaders, NGOs, and development institutions in Botswana – through consistent engagement, regular briefings, and community/site visits – to support and guide the Botswanan Parliamentary Conservation Caucus (BOCOPAC) in developing innovative, market-based solutions to Botswana’s environmental and economic development challenges.

ICCF Botswana supports and advises the caucus on identifying high-priority natural resource and development concerns, and brings together expertise from various sectors to address these challenges with economy-oriented solutions. This ensures that BOCOPAC has the tools to create national policy frameworks that support conservation, businesses, and community development, while providing an enabling environment for greater investments in Botswana’s economy and environment.

ICCF Botswana is an affiliate of The ICCF Group, an umbrella organization linking ICCF offices and parliamentary conservation caucuses in the U.S., Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Judiciary and Law Enforcement Resources

Following the success of regional judiciary training workshops in Nairobi, Kenya and Lusaka, Zambia,
the tools to aid in the enforcement and prosecution of wildlife crime in Africa.

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A multiparty coalition of Parliamentarians, including Cabinet Ministers, committed to elevating the role that natural resource management plays in domestic policy and regional development.


Parliamentary Focus

BOCOPAC members have resolved to pursue actions for natural resource governance, conservation, and sustainable economic development.


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