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To ensure good stewardship of the globe's natural resources.

The International Conservation Corps harnesses the vast potential of this readily available human capital to provide on-the-ground solutions.

Veteran conservation professionals are hand selected to transfer the knowledge, experience, and best practices needed by partner nations to address host-country priority conservation needs. The International Conservation Corps selects from an elite class of skilled workers to form the most effective volunteer mechanism for international assistance.

Project teams are anchored by professionals with extensive experience operating at senior and local community levels, and are designed to sustain mentoring relationships with local partners over the long term.

ICCF’s engagement of international policymakers guarantees that top-level leaders maintain support for natural resource solutions.

Experience and Talent

ICCF’s International Conservation Corps has the systemic capacity to channel the experience and talent of American agencies and retired experts to meet the specific needs of partner nations and provide the necessary funding and in-country political support through ICCF’s Conservation Council of Nations program.

The stream of retiring U.S. conservation professionals constitutes a resource uniquely suited to assisting partner nations build institutional capacity, for conservation infrastructure and community-based integration of conservation initiatives.

The International Conservation Corps is the premier example of Americans volunteering abroad to provide invaluable support to the international diplomacy of the U.S. while leveraging private-sector resources.

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