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We support Congressional leadership in Conservation.

ICCF works to educate U.S. policymakers on international conservation, using good science and models of public-private partnerships that invest in protecting biodiversity and natural resources.

Since 2006, the ICCF has been recognized as the leading organizer of relationships between U.S. policymakers, conservationists, and business leaders. We work hard to maintain a working structure that helps policymakers react to international ecosystem challenges and make informed decisions in allocating resources.

For bipartisanship to be attained, for the best decisions to be made, our Senators and Representatives need to be presented with a compelling demonstration of coordinated, impartial information. Our messages are presented with clarity, cohesion, and objectivity.

Market-Based Solutions

Integrating environmental stewardship and good natural resource management into private-sector investment.

For many in the developing world, their foremost concern is day-to-day survival. When people are desperate, they resort to desperate measures, often destroying the very natural resources on which they depend. Market-based conservation solutions are essential to ensure that natural resources are used in a manner that allows people to benefit from these resources while also providing them with incentive to ensure their long-term viability.

Core Programs

U.S. Congressional Briefing Series

Our Congressional Briefing Series educates policymakers using good science and models of public-private partnerships that invest in protecting biodiversity and natural resources. Over the years our briefings have covered a wide variety of global initiatives, from cutting-edge corporate social responsibility practices to innovative on-the-ground conservation programs.

International Conservation Leadership Awards

The most important annual conservation gathering of U.S. Members of Congress, foreign Heads of State, Ambassadors, corporate executives, conservation legends, celebrities, and NGO and civil society leaders to celebrate conservation successes and achievements.

Oceans Leadership Initiative

ICCF is providing U.S. policymakers with the resources and expertise they need to create and implement programs, practices, and policy to ensure an intelligent balance between the conservation and development of oceans resources.

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