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ConsCorps - ICCF has initiated on-the-ground work in Tayrona National Park to carry out workshops that will strengthen the interpretation and communication capacities for the park.

The International Conservation Corps, through technical and financial support, continues advancing their goal of strategic interpretive planning of PNN for both short- and long-term utilization, by analyzing and incorporating the needs of visitors and discovering ways to improve the interpretation of the park, through recommendations on services and programs.

May 10, 2017

With the objective of continuing to plan visitor interpretation and interaction with Colombia’s natural parks, ICCF’s International Conservation Corps conducted its third field mission in Tayrona National Park, from May 2-16, in conjunction with Parques Naturales Nacionales (from the local and the national levels) and the National Park Service of the United States.

The project includes the planning of two important park elements: land utilization and visitor interpretation. Land architects visited the site, bringing technical support with initial recommendations to improve visitor experiences and yield improved use of the current infrastructure of the park, including identifying the most appropriate places for the flow of visitors, location of services such as bathrooms, water fountains, and others.

The project also included a week-long interpretive planning workshop, including two days with forty representatives from local communities involved in the park such as indigenous groups, ecotourism experts in the community, and public relations representatives for the park. The workshop sought to define concepts such as interpretation, education, information, and orientation; develop the interpretive mark; define and prioritize interpretive services; and establish steps to continue the construction of interpretive planning of Tayrona Park.

April 16, 2016

After the conclusion of this work, personnel will visit with Corales National Park's staff (April 22-28) to understand the park and identify the type of interpretive activities, messages, and elements that will be installed at the pier known as "La Bodeguita."

The Conservation Corps team is comprised of three retired experts from the U.S. National Park Service: Sam Vaughn, who served as Executive Director of Interpretation Planning; Carolyn Richard, who served as Executive Director of Interpretation for Carlsbad Cabers, National Mall and Memorial, and Grand Teton National Parks; and Ellis Richard, who served as Executive Director of Interpretation for Grand Canyon National Park and Superintendent of Guadalupe Mountains National Park. This is a team with great knowledge and experience in interpretation planning, visitor center management relating to interpretation and design of activities, development of printed materials, and environmental education, in addition to others. The team will be in Colombia April 16th -April 30th, accompanied by the Colombian National Natural Parks personnel in charge of Interpretation and Communication at the central, territorial, and park levels.

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