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ConsCorps - ICCF has initiated on-the-ground work in Tayrona National Park to carry out workshops that will strengthen the interpretation and communication capacities for the park.

After the conclusion of this work, personnel will visit with Corales National Park's staff (April 22-28) to understand the park and identify the type of interpretive activities, messages, and elements that will be installed at the pier known as "La Bodeguita."

The ConsCorps team is comprised of three retired experts fromthe U.S. National Park Service: Sam Vaughn, who served as Executive Director ofInterpretation Planning; Carolyn Richard, who served as Executive Director ofInterpretation for Carlsbad Cabers, National Mall and Memorial, and Grand TetonNational Parks; and Ellis Richard, who served as Executive Director ofInterpretation for Grand Canyon National Park and Superintendent of GuadalupeMountains National Park. This is a team with great knowledge and experience ininterpretation planning, visitor center management relating to interpretationand design of activities, development of printed materials, and environmentaleducation, in addition to others. The team will be in Colombia April 16th -April 30th, accompanied by the Colombian National Natural Parks personnel incharge of Interpretation and Communication at the central, territorial, andpark levels.

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