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The International Conservation Corps team has been working with the National Parks of Colombia for the past year to provide technical support for the evaluation and reformulation of the PAI.

PNN Director, Dr. Julia Miranda has said of ICCF's support: “[It] has been impressive, because the results of the evaluation showed, at all levels of the organization, that the current plan does not work, so the reformulation of the new plan is very important to strengthen the organization, to get a clear vision of what we need to do, how and when can we do it. It is very good to know that ICCF - ConsCorps will be with us throughout this process, providing a clearer picture of the National Parks and its vision, allowing us to identify problems, and also opportunities such as ecotourism, public-private partnerships, and have a plan that is realistic, achievable and efficient to guide the agency in its future."

November 1, 2016

Barbara Goodman and Terrence Moore continued their on-going Conservation Corps mission during the month of October in Bogota, Colombia to provide assistance to staff of Parques Nacionales Naturales de Colombia(PNN) in completing the evaluation of the existing agency action plan and development of a new institutional action plan for the next 15 years. During the recent mission, they assisted in designing a vision statement and the major new priority policy components of the plan. The team and PNN agency counterparts briefed PNN Directora Julia Miranda, who approved the planning priorities as presented. Further assistance in developing specific agency strategies, management actions, and evaluation methodologies to complete the plan will be undertaken in early 2017.

September 2, 2016

Members of the ICCF International Conservation Corps are in Bogotá this week to conclude the last of eight planning workshops held at the central level and in each of PNN's territorial directionsl. These workshops are designed as part of the process for the reformulation of PNN's Institutional Action Plan. Participants provided important inputs to propose strategic objectives, goals, and management objectives, which will be helpful to the PNN planning team as it continues the reformulation process. The next steps will be to evaluate and analyze the results of these workshops and consolidate all inputs in order to draft the PNN's Institutional Action Plan.

July 25, 2016

Two members of ICCF’s International Conservation Corps, Terry Moore and Barbara Goodman, both with years of experience with the US National Parks Service, are in Bogotá this week for the first planning workshop for the reformulation of the National Parks of Colombia's (PNN) Institutional Action Plan (PAI) along with staff from the Planning Advisory Office of PNN: Nery Londoño, Diana Perez, and the Amazon Territorial Director. This workshop is one of eight workshops that will take place in August, with one in each territorial directorate (Pacific, Orinoquia, Northeastern Andes, Western Andes, Caribbean) and at the central level.

February 27, 2016

Terry Moore, planning expert for the Eastern region of USNPS park, and Barbara Goodman, who has over thirty years of experience in planning for USNPS, alongside members of the ICCF Conservation Corp, visited Bogota, from February 21st to the 26th, to provide technical support to the Advisory Plan-ning Office of PNN, headed by Julieta Ramos and supported by local professionals Diana Perez and Nery Londoño.

The following priorities were established.

1.     Formulate a methodology and a step-by-step process which includes a draft work time table for 2016.
2.     Identify actors that need to be involved/informed during the creation of the PEI.
3.     Identify the inputs needed to formulate the PEI
4.     Define the strategic line, strategic objective, management objective and action programs
5.     Create a matrix model for the creation of the PEI
6.     Develop a methodology draft to carry out workshops and agendas to construct the PEI with the participation of all management levels 
7.     Define the criteria needed to consolidate the elements of the PEI including the guidelines and factors developed in the current PAI – Institutional Action Plan

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