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The World Bank hosted The ICCF Group's VP Africa, Susan Lylis, and several Co-Chairs of African parliamentary conservation caucuses to discuss with Global Wildlife Program (GWP) stakeholders the value and impact of the conservation caucus model on combating wildlife crime and building political will for sustainable natural resource management.

The World Bank’s Global Wildlife Program is a seven-year Global Environment Facility (GEF) funded program developed as a response to the growing crisis of illicit wildlife trade. GWP Manager Claudia Sobrevila facilitated the program, and Dr. Jaime Cavalier, Senior Biodiversity Specialist at the GEF, moderated the discussion.

Hon. Wilbur Ottichilo, MP and Co-Chair of the Parliamentary Conservation Caucus - Kenya; Hon. Francisco Mucanheia, Co-Chair of the Mozambique Parliamentary Conservation Caucus and Chair of the Committee on Agriculture, Economic Affairs, and Environment; and Hon. Alex Major, Co-Chair of the Malawi Parliamentary Conservation Caucus and Chair of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, participated in the conference.

Caucus Co-Chairs discussed how the caucus model has assisted parliaments and national governments in advancing stronger natural resource legislation and policy, including the Malawi National Parks and Wildlife Amendment Act of 2016, the Mozambique wildlife trafficking amendments to the Conservation Law of 2014, and the Kenya Water Bill of 2016.

Participants agreed that the best way to sustain this model is to ensure that caucus secretariats have the funding necessary to build a long-term infrastructure for caucus programs and support.

Watch the GWP meeting below:

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