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The Naibunga Conservancy, led by ICCF International Conservation Corps Project Manager John Olekeshine, hosted a two-day workshop with stakeholders to discuss peace and security for conservation.

Representatives from five northern community conservancies, the Kenyan government, and Kenya Wildlife Service came together to gain a common understanding of the threats to peace and security faced by the conservancies.

During the workshop, facilitated by personnel from Kenya Wildlife Conservancies (KWCA) and the Northern Rangelands Trust Peace Coordinator, participants discussed the impact of invading northern tribes on wildlife habitats, as a threat to wildlife security and accelerated land degradation. These invading tribes also interfere adversely with well-established grazing patterns within Naibunga.

During the two days of deliberations, participants resolved to work together peacefully with incoming tribes to make sure this trend is reversed and to mutually enhance security for wildlife in the region.

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