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Our mission is to support and guide the PCC-K with sound information and solutions to Kenya's natural resource management challenges.

PCC-K Foundation | ICCF Kenya

ICCF Kenya is a growing collaboration of leaders from Kenya’s business and NGO sectors who support and guide the Parliamentary Conservation Caucus – Kenya Chapter (PCC-K) with sound information and solutions for Kenya’s natural resource management challenges. The PCC-K was established following an ICCF collaborative summit of African parliamentarians and U.S. Congressmen in August 2012 in Nairobi.

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End Game

Calling U.S. response to the African elephant and rhinoceros poaching crisis.

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About the PCC-K

The Parliamentary Conservation Caucus, Kenya is a multiparty coalition committed to conservation and the sustainable management of Kenya’s natural resources.


Parliamentary Focus

The PCC-K and ICCF Kenya are focused on such issues as the poaching crisis, water and energy security, and mining, with an emphasis on balancing development and conservation.


The Latest with ICCF

25 July 2018

House Unanimously Passes Bipartisan Marine Debris Legislation

The U.S. House of Representatives has voted unanimously to pass legislation aimed at addressing the growing challenge of marine debris. The Save Our Seas (SOS) Act was introduced by co-chairs of the Senate Oceans Caucus and passed with bipartisan support in the Senate last summer.

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17 July 2018

House Passes Bipartisan Caucus Co-Chair-Sponsored DELTA Act

The House of Representatives has voted to pass H.R. 4819, the Defending Economic Livelihoods and Threatened Animals (DELTA) Act, a bill aimed at promoting sustainable economic growth through trans-boundary conservation programs in the Okavango River Basin.

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14 July 2018

ICCF Welcomes High-Level Thai Delegation to DC

A high-level delegation from Thailand was in Washington, DC from July 11-14 in order to gain a better understanding of the ICCF caucus model and discuss conservation issues and international engagement and cooperation with various stakeholders.

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12 July 2018

Caucus Co-Chairs Introduce Bipartisan DELTA Act in the U.S. Senate

Senators Rob Portman (R-OH) and Tom Udall (D-NM), co-chairs of the Senate International Conservation Caucus, introduced on July 11th the bipartisan Defending Economic Livelihoods and Threatened Animals (DELTA) Act, a bill designed to encourage development of a strategy for conservation in southern Africa’s important Okavango watershed region.

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12 July 2018

Zambian Caucus Examines National Parks and Wildlife Policy

Members of the Zambian Parliamentary Conservation Caucus (ZPCC) gathered in Lusaka on July 12th to discuss with key stakeholders Zambia’s National Parks and Wildlife Policy. Nearly three dozen members of the Zambian parliament were in attendance for the half-day workshop, a discussion which was centered around management challenges in Zambia’s national parks.

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11 July 2018

Coast Guard, Private Sector Can Work Together to Enhance Maritime Security

The United State Coast Guard (USCG) plays an important role in combating illegal fishing and organized transnational crime, says its Commandant, Admiral Karl Schultz. On July 11th, Admiral Schultz joined the Oceans Caucus Foundation on Capitol Hill to discuss, with members of the U.S. Congressional Oceans Caucus and ICCF business and NGO partners, the importance of maritime security and the USCG’s role.

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26 June 2018

Zambian Caucus Visits African Parks-Managed Liuwa Plain National Park

Members of the Zambian Parliamentary Conservation Caucus (ZPCC) recently paid visit to Liuwa Plain National Park to gain a better understanding of the successful model employed there by African Parks for public-private park management.

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15 June 2018

Advancing Design Plans for Tayrona National Park’s Interpretation Center to Effectively Engage Visitors

The ICCF International Conservation Corps team is providing technical assistance on the redesign plan for Tayrona National Park's interpretation center.

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12 June 2018

ICCF Welcomes New Costa Rican President on Capitol Hill

H.E. Carlos Alvarado Quesada, President of the Republic of Costa Rica, joined ICCF on June 12th on Capitol Hill to address members of the U.S. Congressional International Conservation Caucus and ICCF’s business and NGO partners.

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07 June 2018

The Power of the Blue Economy to Address Marine Pollution

Businesses and organizations are combating marine debris through innovative policies and partnerships to improve transparency and accountability in the seafood and business product and packaging supply chains. On June 7th, the Oceans Caucus Foundation and the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation co-hosted an expert panel to discuss how their respective industries and organizations are working to protect our oceans.

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30 May 2018

Led by Conservation Caucus, Colombia Ratifies Mercury Treaty

Thanks in part to leadership by members of the Colombian Conservation Caucus, Colombia ratifies the 2013 Minamata Convention on Mercury after bill passing both chambers signed into law.

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29 May 2018

Mozambican Parliamentarians Participate in Conservation Governance Workshop

On May 29th, members of Mozambique's Parliamentary Forum for Conservation, led by the Committee on Environment, in collaboration with The ICCF Group, met to address and discuss conservation and good governance of natural resources in Mozambique.

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25 May 2018

Gabon Caucus Members Hold Workshop on Conservation Legislation

On May 25, 2018, the Gabon Parliamentary Conservation Caucus, in collaboration with The ICCF Group, organized a capacity-building workshop for caucus members and other parliamentarians on conservation legislation and policies.

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17 May 2018

Colombian Congress Hosts Training Workshop on Sustainable Development and Conservation

The President of the Senate, the Center for High Legislative Studies (CAEL), and ICCF Colombia are hosting a series of training workshops to strengthen the understanding of sustainable development and conservation in the Colombian Congress.

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16 May 2018

Public-Private Partnerships Essential to Combat Wildlife Trafficking in Africa

Public-private partnerships in Africa are essential to combat the wildlife trafficking crisis, protect wildlife and habitats, promote regional security, and provide economic opportunities for local communities. ICCF hosted Peter Fearnhead, CEO of African Parks, on Capitol Hill to discuss his organization’s successful model for public-private partnerships.

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04 May 2018

Kenya Conservation Caucus Begins Strategic Planning for Work in New Parliament

At a recent ICCF Kenya-facilitated meeting of the Parliamentary Conservation Caucus - Kenya (PCC-K), caucus co-chair Honorable Francis Chachu Ganya outlined priorities and a draft strategic plan for the caucus in a new Parliament.

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25 April 2018

Latin American Legislators Pledge Action for Forest Conservation

A group of legislators from Colombia, Mexico, and Peru have unanimously adopted and signed the Declaration of Bogotá, an agreement regarding the role of legislators in the promotion and management of sustainable forestry.

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25 April 2018

Illegal Fishing Linked to Human Trafficking Networks

Lack of traceability and enforcement in the seafood sector makes the commercial fishing industry particularly vulnerable to human trafficking. To examine these links, the Oceans Caucus Foundation hosted a panel of experts on Capitol Hill to discuss policy and security implications of global trafficking networks.

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09 April 2018

Colombia Oceans Caucus Sees Firsthand the Challenges for Marine Conservation

Members of the Colombian Oceans Caucus are learning firsthand the challenges facing Colombia’s oceans and coastal ecosystems. Caucus members recently visited Rosario National Reef and San Bernardo to observe conditions and discuss with local experts current work and future priorities regarding ocean conservation in Colombia.

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23 March 2018

National Workshop in Gabon Prepares Judges for Environmental Crime Cases

In Gabon, The ICCF Group is working to improve the judiciary’s understanding of issues surrounding the illegal wildlife trade and give them the necessary tools to effectively handle cases involving wildlife and environmental crimes. On March 23, 2018, The ICCF Group organized a national workshop for magistrates from nine Gabonese provinces to strengthen their capacity to handle these cases.

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Building consensus on natural resource management and conservation as a means to promote sustainable development
Identifying highest-priority concerns related to Kenya’s natural resource challenges, and recommending innovative, market-driven policy solutions for the 21st century

Conservation & Development Can Reinforce Each Other

Addressing the Avoidable Paradox
Conservation and development are not opposing ideas and can in fact be reinforcing.

The ICCF Group’s strategy lends a solution to preventing mismanagement of natural resources by engaging policymakers within their respective countries to successfully govern their natural resources.

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