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In February, with the support of ICCF Colombia and representatives from the highest levels of government, the National Department of Planning led a workshop to define the existing politics of ecotourism and explore its untapped potential to benefit post conflict regions.

The participants of the workshop included the High Counselor for Post Conflict, Human Rights, and Security, Rafael Pardo, the Vice Minister of Tourism, Sandra Howard, the Director of National Parks, Julia Miranda, and the Vice President of Procolombia Tourism, Julián Guerrero. Deputy Director of Land and Public Investment, Manuel Fernando Castro, The Deputy Director of Sustainable Environmental Development Silvia Calderón, and the Director of Business Development, Santiago Matallana represented the Department of National Parks. ICCF Colombia’s Bill Millán, Director and expert Costas Christ, and teams from the Department for the Renewal of the Land, the Department of Tourism, the Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development, and the Inter-American Development Bank were also represented.

The workshop sought to identify the challenges and opportunities to make ecotourism a tool for conservation, the communities that could most benefit from ecotourism, best practices for coordination between different entities of the national and local governments, the current state of post-conflict conservation, opportunities for private investment and its challenges, and strategies for using ecotourism to strengthen in the current political climate.

ICCF Colombia’s continued support and facilitation of roundtable discussions and cross-sector coordination, contributes to finding and implementing the best political practices in sustainable development and conservation.

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